Kinkeliba Tea

Kinkeliba Tea
HealThEA.ca would like you to discover the Royal tea of Life! Kinkeliba Tea has been a secret benefactor for many generations of Africans, hence our decision to carry large quantities of this special tea on our site. Kinkeliba much like all the Tea varieties found on our site has been selected for its freshness, the natural state of the products, and above all for its proven benefits as certified by more than a generation of locals.

Kinkeliba is used traditionally by the local populations in many West African countries to appease fatigue, liver ailments, headache, convalescence, blood disease, weight loss, cancer, sleep problems, and many other benefits. It is considered by some to be one of the Power Plants in certain tribes and is used to treat liver disorders especially in the Senegal region. Kinkeliba meaning the "Health Tree" came to the attention of the European through the French who imported Kinkeliba and called it "Tisane de Longue Vie" or infusion of long life.

If you are ready to receive, what only Mother Nature can produce, try a sip of our Kinkeliba

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