Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea
Jasmine tea is referred traditionally for green tea that is scented with Jasmine blossoms. The purpose is to give an extra fragrance to the tea. In addition to the prominent fragrance of jasmine, once scented, the tea also gets a hint of sweet flavor.  Today, with the new innovations many tea verities such as black tea and oolong tea are also scented with jasmine blossoms. It is believed that jasmine tea was originated in China, where tea has first experimented. When it comes to preparation of jasmine tea, the unopened jasmine blossoms are stored together with tea particles for a certain period. During this period the fragrance of the jasmine blossoms is released and absorbed by the tea leaves due to the hygroscopic nature of the tea. Initially, this has been only a Chinese local delicacy, however gradually jasmine tea has also been exported to other parts of the world. This tea is an all-time favorite of many tea lovers and today it is a common drink served in many tea shops.

Jasmine tea from Kinkelibah tea is also prepared through the same methodology and using the best green teas. Sip it today and experience the taste of authentic Jasmine tea.

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