Green Teas

Green Teas

Origin of green tea goes back to the era of Emperor Shennong, in China, where some tea leaves had accidentally fallen into the hot water bowl of the emperor. After drinking this sudden innovation, the emperor has been amazed by the refreshing character of the brew, and it is said that the tea drinking habit was started in China since then. From there the plant has been introduced to many other South Asian countries as a commercial crop and gradually through colonial trading activities, Tea has been introduced to the entire world.

Depending on the origin and the method of manufacturing, there are a number of green tea varieties all over the world. Form all of those, we have picked the best selection of teas that are rich from favorable health benefits as a regular drink. Sip a cup of our green tea today! To indulge in a superior taste.

If you are ready to receive, what only Mother Nature can produce, try a sip of one our Green Tea.

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