Green Tea

Green Tea
Green Tea, the tea is known as the healthiest beverage of the world, is a product made out of the “Tea Plant” or Camellia sinensis. The tea is produced from tender shoots of the Tea plant and here the production process is slightly deferent from traditional black tea production. In the production process, first, the tea leaves are withered to remove the excess moisture and immediately after, the leaves are exposed to either heat or steam in order to stop leaf chemical reactions. Due to this there are no other chemical changes occur inside the leaf and this leads to the refreshing green color appearance of the tea and the brew. This minimal processing in green tea results the superior health benefits compared to the black tea as it retains most of the chemicals in its original form (also known as Catechins).

Green Tea catechins are well known for its anti-oxidant properties which are regarded as a cure for many diseases. Anti-oxidants are capable of neutralizing the harmful free radicals inside the body and thereby reduces the risk of many harmful diseases such as cancer. Today, the wellness-oriented consumers are falling more and more for green tea as it is a rich source of Anti-oxidants.  

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