Tea Blends

Tea Blends
HealThEA.ca uses its knowledge of local cultures and traditions to bring those exquisite blends of Tea, to enhance your drinking experience.

Our blends take tea leaves found on our store to create a well-balanced flavour using one or more leaves that is known to bring out characters or an added benefit often appreciated. This allows one to sip a variations of the basic flavors as to bring an appreciation of the original flavor.

In our Blends we choose only "pure" varieties that are able to easily receive any taste or aroma, which do not cause the Tea to loose its character. We also take care when blending our Teas doing our best to avoid over scenting them or adding additional dimension to the tea, hence covering up/obscuring the quality of the base teas.

If you are ready to receive, what only Mother Nature can produce, try a sip of one of our soothing Blends.

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