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Kinkeliba is one Royal Tea you have to discover.

Our Tea leave are picked from fields where they grow naturally the way Mother Nature intended, and dried locally the way it has been done for hundreds of years.


Green Tea is a Superhero itself, with so many Health Benefits credited to it by the many studies conducted thus far.

Whether you prefer Green Tea, Lotus Tea, or another of its variation Jasmin Tea, you'll enjoy and benefit the same coveted properties of the Camellia sinensis leaves.


Herbal Tea has made its mark early in human history, as used by many cultures for Medicine.

With so many herbs to choose from, each one great in their own right, we've selected a few known and very appreciated herbs for your Health. Rest assured this list will keep growing.

a few words about us

Welcome to KinkeliBah.com and let us take you thought the imperial world of tea! It is our passion to bring you the best teas around the world, picked from highly fresh and natural destinations..

We believe in the traditional African principle of being a beneficial companion to the community, similar to the way "Kinkeliba Tea" has been to the African community. It has been the secret companion of African local community for a healthy life, over many generations..

Sticking into the same principle we have brought you a collection of exceptional teas, and explore it now on