HealThEA.ca is Temporarily Closed, during the Covid-19 lockdown

Posted By: KTB Published: 28/04/2020 Times Read: 506 Comments: 0

Dear Customers,.

HealThEA.ca is all about your health, as well as the belief that mother nature already has the best for our immune system but like many other businesses, we made a decision that's best for all of us at this time. We have temporarily closed our operations until it becomes safe, per health officials, to resume deliveries.

We appreciate your business, but we will expedite your online orders as soon as it's safe to do so, but for the moment we have reimbursed all recent orders.

During the store closure, you can view our selection at www.kinkelibah.com, to select a free additional tea to choose during your next order. We invite you to also follow us on our blog, http://HealThEA.ca/news-and-events, for updates and other news.

We look forward to seeing you again, soon, when it is advised and safe for our staff to send you our products.

Kind Regards,