Tea Health Benefits

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We have a simple mission here on HealThEA.ca  and it is simply to bring you Healthy Teas from around the world, while picking the kinds that have a reputation for attractive tastes as well. We believe that one of our Star on this site, the Kinkeliba tea, represent well this vision but let’s also outline the common reasons that Tea is known to be a benediction for our Health.

Generation of local cultures from around the Globe has experience amazing benefits from drinking Tea, and here is a brief list of those benefits:

-    Tea contains Antioxidants (vitamins that are anti-aging).
-    Certain Teas contain beneficial vitamins.
-    Some Tea contains Polyphenols, responsible for stimulating the digestive tract.
-    Tea promote the circulation, and help with blood pressure.
-    Some Tea may help reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol.
-    Tea catechins may provide a benefit in maintaining body weight.
-    Some Tea are thought to be able to prevent colds and flu.
-    Some Tea may help ward off inflammation and vascular damage.
-    It believed that Tea may maintain a Nervous System, increasing concentration and reducing fatigue.
-    Tea contain little or no caffeine, but it’s present the level is small and may uplift.

As one draw from the human experience, Tea may indeed be a source of Health remedy, but Tea should also never be substituted as a sole Medical solution to our Health.

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