How to Brew Tea

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        Water is an important element for preparing tea, so make sure to choose a good source that is clean as well as         free of contaminants. Contaminants like chlorine or other chemicals can greatly affect the brewing of a good         tea, hence affecting your enjoyment of the flavors and benefits.


We will need boiling water, so in a Kettle or in a pot boils the water that was carefully selected.

Clean Teapot

            A clean Teapot can immensely help in ensuring we obtain the purest flavor from the tea. It’s is recommended to         clean the teapot thoroughly with water and dishwasher soap,  and then rinse the pot with boiled hot water before         starting the brewing process.


Brewing the tea to extract its great natural flavor, is done by combining the right amount of tea with water heated at the right temperature. Please refer to the description of each tea sold on our site for the recommended temperature and amount of tea to combine.  Those brewing guidelines are critical in extracting the true aroma of the tea, but free to modify the ratios to suit your own taste.

Note: When the recommended temperature is lower than the boiling point(100 °C), simply let the boiled water sit to wait for a lower temperature before combining, in the teapot, the two ingredients.


Stirring allow more surfaces of the tea leaves to have contact with the water, increasing the extraction process.

Enjoy !

        You can now sip and enjoy this extra-ordinary moment that each tea cup bring to your day, but just remember to allow the tea in your cup to comes to a temperature suitable to you before consumption. Enjoy !

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